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Bella is an Australian Cattle Dog Mix who was rescued from a kill shelter in August 2014. She was fostered and lives in the Hudson Valley NY where she found her forever family in December 2014. Bella was estimated to be 8 months old at adoption. Bella is a working dog - a herding dog breed. So she's smart, learns quickly and tends to want to control the situation once she has gotten the hang of something. She has a very high level of attention and is a great partner and loves to engage with humans. This can be a good thing...and a bad thing. She needs to stay active mentally and physically because boredom can lead to behavior issues and even depression. So we have done a lot of research to ensure she's a happy and thriving part of our family!

Her Vet estimates that she needs ~3 hours of activity and exercise per day. Her favorite activities are fetch, "Find It" and running. This site is dedicated to promoting a home for every rescue and helping active dogs and their humans find fun things to do to keep them happy and healthy.

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