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Trainers and Veterinarian professionals alike will tell you that if your dog is having behavior issues, it is probably due to boredom more than anything else. Dogs are meant to be active and most spend their lives on cushy beds and couches in today's busy homes.

Read more about dogs' need for physical activity from WebMD.

Physical activity is crucial to your dog's happy disposition and healthy life. Bella is an Australian Cattle Dog mix and we were surprised when her first visit to the Vet was a description of her breed - including -

"3 Hours of Physical Activity Per Day"

Bella LOVES Fetch with sticks but her humans love using the Chuck-It system for easy long throws and collection. Here are some tips to make Fetch fun and interesting for your dog.

  1. Use multiple balls so you can practice the "release" "drop it" and "leave it" commands as well as keeping the game fast-paced
  2. Get glow in the dark balls so that you are ready for night games
  3. Use treats to keep your dog engaged and enforce full retreaval cycle

Using multiple balls, sticks and other fetch toys will keep your dog and you engaged and keep the activity fun. We recommend at least 30 minutes of constant activity to tire out your dog so they are ready for a nice nap afterwards.

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Bella loves to Fetch! Watch her snowy Fetch game and romp VIDEO here.

Bella loves chasing sticks. She also loves chasing ChuckIt balls. Her humans love ChuckIt because it makes the balls go farther with less effort.

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