Behavior issues

Behavior issues have more to do with training than breed.

Behavior issues can be caused by many factors. In the case of rescue dogs, they may never have learned proper manners. In fact some have never had to navigate a family and home life because their entire life was spent in a kennel. The good news is consistency and positive reinforcement are easy ways to fix behavior issues.

"Don't judge the fruit - work on the roots"

If you have a dog new to your home or one that is finding ways to entertain themselves, there are some things you can do to reverse or retrain this behavior.

  1. Use positive reinforcement only. Fear is no way to raise a dog and will not create the kind of loyalty you want in your family pet.
  2. Clicker, Treat or a combination of both are great ways to positively reinforce the behaviors you want. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to train for obedience, activities and tricks. We decided to have a professional work with us one on one so we could have the best results.
  3. To stop negative behavior, we love Pet Corrector from The Company of Animals. It emits a hissing noise that creates a state change in the dog and stops things like Barking, Chasing, Stealing and Jumping Up. We have used it with great success with Bella and it works to manage interactions with visiting foster dogs as well.

Remember, the dog will look to YOU for consistency and guidance. If they feel there is ANY wiggle room in who is the alpha then they will constantly try to gain that position which puts more stress on you and them. They WANT you to be the leader. It makes for a much happier and well behaved dog.

And if you have an Active dog, check out some great Activities and Mind Games you can engage them with so they don't resort to behaviors that can stem from boredom or pent up energy.

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Pet Corrector by The Company of Animals emits a loud hissing noise when sprayed. It's harmless to the animal and stopping the bad behavior in its tracks.


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