Date: 1/28/2017 1:30 PM UTC

Lots of new puppies have been running around Facebook and Instagram this time of year. Of course - we are in the new year so it's the perfect time for new additions to the family.

Here are some must-haves for your new furry on the links to go right to's search and get cash back plus great prices on all this great stuff!

FOOD - lots of puppy food choices. A trainer and food expert friend of ours recommends Taste of the Wild. Make sure it's a puppy formula so it has the nutrition growing puppies need. If you are using a high quality food, you do not need to add puppy supplementation to it.

COLLARS, HARNESSES AND LEASHES - You may want to go with a collar and leash or a harness and leash combo. Whatever you choose, make sure it is the proper size. Collars should allow 2 fingers to fit between collar and neck. Harnesses should not be tight enough to create friction and rubbing on skin around the armpit section of the front legs. Lots of styles, fashion choices and colors to choose from!

BEDS AND BEDDING - Let's be honest, your pup will eventually end up in your bed or at least at the foot of it? It's best to start with a crate (see below) but you'll also want bedding around the house to ensure your pup has a comfy place to sleep. Sleeping is the main job of a puppy, especially when they are going through growing spurts.

TOYS! - A very important piece of a puppy's day! Play! Perfect soft toys for puppy teeth as they grow big and strong. Puppies need lots of play so you'll want to have toys handy when you are trying to distract your pup from chewing whatever is nearest when they are playing.

RAWHIDES, BONES AND CHEWS - Oh my! Keep these at a minimum for pups. Make sure they are puppy friendly for their growing teeth.

APPAREL AND COSTUMES - Bella would be annoyed to know this entry was here. She hates wearing clothing. But a growing pup may need a coat for a cold day or a hurricane wrap for a storm. Or maybe something with frills and glitter?

TRAINING AND BEHAVIOR - You can train a puppy to sit at 8 weeks old - earlier than you may have guessed. But there's a lot more pressing doing their business outside!

TREATS AND BISCUITS - Adding positive rewards for good puppy behavior is the best way to go. Let your pup know you are the Alpha dog but do it with yummy goodness.

CARRIERS AND CRATES - For that authentic den feeling or your road warriors, carriers and crates are an important part of childhood for your pup. Crates will help with housebreaking and minimizing damage in your home. In addition, they help a puppy feel secure in their new surroundings.

DOORS AND GATES - Keep your puppy safe by limiting their territory to rooms where mischief is minimized. Block from steps, pantries of chemicals and more.

ID TAGS - Make sure everyone knows whose family your pup belongs to with personalized collar or ID Tag.

GROOMING - Puppies explore a lot as they are growing and that can lead to mischief, which can often mean it's bath time! has all the stuff your puppy needs to have a happy and healthy life filled with fun and adventure.

Bella and I wish you a lifetime of unconditional love, licks and laughter with your new addition.


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Date: 1/4/2017 10:37 AM UTC

Dear Hu-Mom

These are my 2017 New Years Resolutions:

Love my brother Boris more

Give 50 dogs more bounce and less knob in their knees with Pet Health OPC
Save 50 Humans lots of kibble with my Price Check Challenge

Eat less cat and deer poop

Send my newsletter to 1000 furry families to help them with active pups like me

Run more

Foster more

Try hard not to hog the bed

Get jealous less

Howl more

Play More

Shop More

Smile More 

Travel more

Love Bella

I asked Boris if he had any - he said he's already perfect the way he is. 

First resolution already broken. 

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Date: 12/6/2016 11:16 PM UTC

This video is from the Look At the Savings Bella Dug Up savings group on Facebook. And it's a special holiday tip video because it announces a very special day...

Tomorrow is Bella's Adoptaversary!

So it's Pet Week at!

When is your furry family's adoptaversary?

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Date: 12/5/2016 2:22 PM UTC

This video is from the Holiday Shopping Tip series and is all about increasing your savings using discounted gift cards.

At, we have a partner store that can STACK your savings even more than the cash back you get with purchase.

Here's what you do...

  1. Log in at
  2. Search for the partner store
  3. Visit the store for 2% cash back on your discounted gift card purchase
  4. Get the gift cards for the stores you are shopping....BONUS tip, get egift cards so you can shop online right away
  5. Go back to 
  6. Visit the store you just purchased the gift card for via Shop for cash back at that store too
You get cash back on the discounted card
You get cash back at the Shop partner store
You get up to 60% off the purchase with the discounted gift card
You get to use coupon codes and promo codes and free shipping offers too

Raise your savings with this tip!

Let me know what discounted gift cards you scored at Raise through Shop!

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Date: 12/5/2016 2:00 PM UTC

This tip was meant for Saturday but I didn't find a few minutes to live stream it. I was having a wonderful time though so don't feel badly for me! In the bulk of the day, I taught local entrepreneurs some really effective yet simple sales techniques to close more business with more ease. And then out with friends to dinner at a local brewery and then A Christmas Carol. It's an amazing show with some dear friends so there's a plug at the end of this post .. please share and support this amazing show!

Ok on to the business of shopping! This episode of Holiday Shopping Tips is a great one because you can get something so rare - Givers Gain! Good Karma! Money for Doing a Good Deed! See, our goal is to pay as much cash back as we can to shoppers and make the Shopping Annuity and a household name.

So we are incentivizing (sharing the wealth) with our customers and business partners that share Our corporate team negotiates an extra 1/2% cash back from our retail partners so we can gift it to our referral partners - YOU the customer! And every time a purchase is made an angel gets its not really (well maybe but that's a different holiday tale!)...Every time a purchase is made, you will receive 1/2% cash back and your friend will receive ALL the cash back listed for that item.

It's already built in - so you may as well enjoy it! Consider it a well-deserved thank you and acknowledgement for helping us spread the word about the Shopping Annuity and

Other companies have similar programs but NONE OF THEM is as generous. We have no restrictions, no minimums, no activity requirements, no expirations. Just COLD HARD CASH (or better yet WARM SOFT CASH to cuddle up with all your other holiday spending money).

So to get this fun little gift, share the gift of Shop! Use the INVITE TOOL on Shop or share the link at the bottom of that page on Social Media. The more people you invite the more extra cash back you'll earn.

A friend of mine referred her son to Shop for tires on his truck. These were FANCY! and as a result of her referral, he got a great deal and over $50 cash back! She got over $10 cash back on that one purchase. So everyone wins!

Are you convinced yet? Then go on out there and invite your friends! And if you or they need any help shopping, just let me or Bella know! We will sniff out the great savings for you!

 This is where to find the invite tool - it's a link just to the right of your cash back total.

When you are on ANY Shop page, at the very bottom you'll see a "Link to This Page" in green...that link will include your referral code. Share that link on social media and anyone that registers will be your referral and be linked for your 1/2% cash back.

So now my plug for this amazing show....

A Christmas Carol

Sat, Dec 3, 2016 through Sun, Dec 18, 2016
Culinary Institute of America–Marriott Pavilion 
By Charles Dickens, Adaptation by Geoff Tarson
Directed by Michael Schiralli
Starring Stephen Paul Johnson, Patrick Brady, Morgan Dean, Samantha Jones, Maria Silverman, John Summerford & Michael Withall
This new adaptation of Dickens' classic holiday favorite is humorous, touching and fast-paced—perfect for the entire family! Enjoy pre-theater dining at one of the CIA's award-winning restaurants for an unforgettable family holiday memory.


DECEMBER 3 & 4, 9–11, 16–18
Friday at 8PM, 
Saturday at 2PM & 8PM, Sunday at 2PM


TALK BACK WITH THE CAST 12/10  Meet the cast & discuss the show after the 2pm matinee


To make pre-theatre dining reservations at The Culinary Institute of America, call 845-905-4533 or email The Caterina de' Medici is offering a family-style pasta dinner 3 Saturday nights: 12/3, 12/10 and 12/17, with a selection of salad, antipasto and pastas served table-side for $39pp. There is limited pre-theatre dining available at The Bocuse and American Bounty Restaurants, if you call now. All CIA restaurants are closed on Sundays.


Evening Performances
Adult $40–45
Senior $35–40
Child $20–25
Adult & Senior $32–37
Child $18–22

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Date: 12/2/2016 8:51 PM UTC

Today's video is about using comparison shopping feature to your best advantage.

Here are the tips - and some bonus ones not in the video!

  1. Search from the main search bar on and you can drill down by price, brand or store
  2. Choose ONE CART in search results to use your cash back toward the purchase price.
  3. See All Offers allows you to make decisions about where to buy based on price, cash back and free shipping offers
  4. You can also browse by category in the top left of the header and drill down to what you are looking for
  5. BONUS - when you are at a product, you can do much more than look at all the offers from partner stores .. you can also set a price alert, add it to a wish list or a trend shop! 
  6. If you choose a product that is NOT part of the One Cart you will be taken to the partner store's site and can get all the discounts and specials they are offering..and even use gift cards and store credit cards because you are shopping from them directly...the referral code Shop sends will make sure you get your cash back
If you can't find what you're looking for here's a special Google tip
  1. Make sure you have Shop Buddy installed on your browser
  2. Google what you are looking for
  3. In the results, some of the options will have a big blue S ... those are Shop partners and when you purchase from them you'll get the cash back and coupons we have curated for you and you don't even need to go back to Shop to get them!
I ended up at the Bliss product - a really super option for stress (and all natural too!). It's a featured/exclusive product offered only at Shop. Get a 15% off coupon at the end of the video!

Thanks for watching! =)


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Date: 12/1/2016 11:53 PM UTC

Hey everyone! Today my Hu-Mom gave a lesson on how to use to find stores and their cash back. She wanted to make sure you knew about the stores that were partners so you could get as much savings on your shopping as possible.

Here's a list of some of the most popular stores (this is definitely not a complete list):
Home Depot
Best Buy
TJ Maxx
Dollar Tree
Dollar General
Toys R Us
Pet Smart
Tractor Supply

(italicized currently not offering cash back but may have Hot Deals available through

Would you be willing to give up brand loyalty for a better deal? Often you can go to a smaller store that has spent less on advertising and get more cash back and better prices...Here are some examples from the video:

  • Toys     Toys R Us (0% Cash Back)      vs      Toynk (6% Cash Back)
  • Electronics       Best Buy (0% Cash Back)      vs      Shop Marketplace (5% Cash Back)
  • Accessories       Macys (2% Cash Back)      vs      IFashionwear (15% Cash Back)
  • Personalized Gifts       Things Remembered (3% Cash Back)      vs      Zazzle (7% Cash Back) or Personalization Mall (8% Cash Back)
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters       Macys or Sears (2% Cash Back)      vs      UglyChristmasSweater (6% Cash Back)
  • Pet Supplies       Pet Smart and PetCo (2% Cash Back)      vs      Shop Marketplace (5% Cash Back)
  • Video Games       GameStop (0% Cash Back      vs      FYE (2% Cash Back)
Some cool stores you may not know about ...

Think Geek - 4% Cash Back - ThinkGeek is a one-stop shop for everything geeky.
Musicians Friend - 4% Cash Back - Musician's Friend - the hottest music gear at the lowest prices since 1983. More than 130,000 customer-written product reviews. Read instrument buying guides. Get the best guarantees online for all the fine musical equipment you crave.
Palm Beach Jewelry - 7% Cash Back - Fresh, fun and fabulous! At PalmBeach Jewelry, we search the globe to bring the most irresistible pieces to you, featuring genuine diamonds, shining cubic zirconia, precious gemstones and more. Our extensive selection is sure to please. From modern to timeless, elegant to trendy - PalmBeach Jewelry is where your fashion search ends.
Urbanity Boutique - 5% Cash Back - We believe in self-expression through clothing. That s why our hand-picked, hand-measured selection spans fashion lines past to present. Enjoy our collection! (FREE Shipping)

Watch the full video for ways to navigate around to get to the stores you are looking for! 

Happy Shopping!

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Date: 12/1/2016 12:50 AM UTC

Today's tip was a twofer! We covered daily deals at and how to get good wine at great prices (plus cash back!).

So let's summarize this baby...

First we talked about Daily Deals. Through December 25, has a new daily deal. Today's is an awesome flavor infusion water at nearly 50% off plus cash back. Pick your color!

Then we went over how to shop for wine in a really smart way. You get good wine at great prices and 4% cash back! Sometimes you can get free shipping too! Trista uses through Shop for the cash back and then she looks at price and star ratings to get the best deals. Watch the video for a demonstration.

I was impatiently waiting to play when she was doing this video so I barked a lot. Trista turned it into a drinking game .. can you guess how many drinks she took during the video?

We want to know about your favorite wines and the color you chose of the infusion water bottle!

Happy shopping!

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Date: 11/30/2016 12:54 AM UTC

Today's Facebook Live video at my Facebook savings group "Look at the Savings Bella Dug Up" was about a really great tool that you're probably not using and it's costing you money!

Shop Buddy is a widget that runs on your desktop browser so you will always get the cash back and coupon codes from partner stores.

Trista shows you how you can use it to...

- Save money
- Earn cash back
- Beat Amazon prices (actual example in the video)

She walks you through 3 easy steps to start using Shop Buddy when you shop.

- Set up an account at
- Visit to get right to the Shop Buddy page
- Download it!

That's it! Reach out to Trista on Facebook or Twitter @tristapolo if you have any questions about using Shop Buddy.

What great deals did you get with Shop Buddy?

Happy shopping!

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Date: 11/28/2016 6:12 PM UTC

Today's Facebook Live video features everything you need to know about Cyber Monday deals!

First - make sure you have downloaded onto your browser on your computer. This way you'll have direct access to all the deals being offered AND you'll get whatever cash back they award to Shop customers.

Second - visit all the Cyber Monday deals especially curated for Shop customers at - the home page has a link to all the deals and there are tons!

Here are some highlights...

Lenovo Thinkpad Laptops are 40% off + 6% Cash Back!

Forea (high tech skin and tooth care) has 25% off + 8% Cash Back!

JC Penney has 33% off $100+ order (online only) + 3% Cash Back!

Macy's has 20% off with code CYBER + 6% Cash Back!

Things Remembered has 25% off entire online store + 9% Cash Back!

NIKE - EXTRA 25% off clearance items with code EXTRA25 + 3% Cash Back!

Shutterfly - Extra 10 cards free, 50% off PLUS extra 25% off with code CYBER25 + 2% Cash Back!

Shoplet (office supplies) - 25% off plus free shipping on orders over 25% + 6% Cash Back!

Free Shipping + Cash Back stores - The Body Shop, Saks 5th Avenue

Watch the whole video for the CODE to get 25% OFF Exclusive/Featured Shop products including Isotonix, Motives Cosmetics, Pet Health, Lumier de Vie, Snap, DNA Miracles and more!

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