DIY Activities for active dogs


Not only does Bella go through toys quickly, she gets bored easily. This makes for a large toy budget if we rely on manufactured toys. In addition, Bella needs to keep her mind engaged as well as her body - so how do we do that without purchasing $2,000 agility equipment for the back yard?

"Make toys and games from
things around your house"

There are lots of great ideas from BarkFeed, including "33 Dog Toys You Can Make from Things Around Your House." We have tried the Jar of Bacon Glory (see our "Nailed It/Failed It Video"). In addition to toys, here are some fun DIY activities you can do with your furry family members:

  • Scavenger Hunt We LOVE scavenger hunts. Check out the video HERE to learn how to get a 40+ minute activity with only 10 minutes of prep.

  • Indoor Agility Course Use furniture, broom sticks, planters, rolled up blankets, laundry baskets. Video coming soon! In the meantime - who doesn't love Pinterest for some great ideas.

  • DIY Flirt Pool Use a PVC pipe, some rope and a dog to and you have a fun way to practice commands like "Down" "Stay" "Leave It" and more. Check out this DIY Video.


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Watch the DIY Scavenger Hunt video to see a step by step guide. 10 minutes of prep, over 40 minutes of fun!


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