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Trainers and Veterinarian professionals alike will tell you that if your dog is having behavior issues, it is probably due to boredom more than anything else. Dogs are meant to be active and most spend their lives on cushy beds and couches in today's busy homes.

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Keeping your dog's mind engaged is actually BETTER than engaging their body. Mental exercise will go much farther than a long run or uphill hike. If your dog is anything like Bella, then you will relate to the saying:

"A Tired Working Dog is
a Good Working Dog"

Bella's favorite mental games center around the "Find It" command. Here's a step by step training guide to teach your active dog the "Find It" command:

  1. Hide training treats around a single room with lots of levels of surfaces (chairs, couch, cabinet edging, stool, etc)
  2. Take your dog to the first treat (one on the floor that is easy to spot) and point to the treat saying "Find It"
  3. Keep repeating "Find It" as you walk your dog around the room
  4. Use praise along with the treat to reinforce the game - you can also use a clicker if you are incorporating clicker training
  5. You can expand the "Find It" game to more rooms or even outside
  6. Once your dog is good at the "Find It" game you can start covering the treats with cups, boxes, bowls or other items that will make the treat harder to access

You can use the "Find It" game to create lots of fun ways to engage your dog's mind. Bella uses the "Find It" game for fun, to keep her mind sharp and even at meal times.

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Use muffin tins, cups and toys like the JW Hol-ee Roller to create a multi-layered meal

Fill Kongs with high-quality wet dog food and freeze for a long-lasting unsupervised meal. VIDEO here!

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