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Power Chewer Dog Toy Tips

Bella is an active dog that needs lots of stimulation. As time goes by, we are also realizing that she gets bored with her toys after a while. What used to be her favorite will not even get a second glance a few months later. So we keep it new, mix it up...and spend a lot of time looking for durable (and inexpensive) toys.

Cheapest toy we have found - empty water bottles! just $.05 cents each (the lost deposit) but they last about 5 minutes. They can also leave fun pieces of sharp plastic for your bare feet to find!

Treat Dispensers and Puzzles are a good option because they keep the mind engaged and reward the dog.

We love Frozen Kongs because the Kong is durable (for most dogs) and a frozen treat inside like wet dog food, pumpkin puree and other treats, will keep your dog occupied.

Read below to get Bella's TOUGHNESS RATING for some of the most popular toys.

And check out the TOYS FOR UNDER $5 BUCKS.

Bella Loves To Destroy Toys - She is a Power Chewer - So we have some great toys under $5 Bucks

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toys rated for toughness

Huggle Hound 132162 Hugh Ruff Tex Bugsy Large Lm Grn

Huggle Hound Bugsy (lg)

Center is a rubber composite. Arms, legs, ears are knotted nylon-based fabric. Squeakers located in the belly and limbs for hours of fun and play.


Fetch Some!



Chuckit Fetch Games tough dog toy

Chuckit System (Rubber)

As an active dog Bella LOVES fetch & chewing on the fetch balls. Chuckit fetch balls come in a variety and hold up to lots of play and chewing.


Fetch Some!


JW Pet Company Tough By Nature Sphericon 8 in Dog Toy Assorted Colors

JW Pet Sphericon

These come in assorted colors and are great for treat stuffing or even freezing dog food for a time-using activity. Safe silicone construction.


Fetch Some!


tough dog toys for active dogs - knotted ropes

Knotted Ropes

These are great for throwing, chewing and tug of war. As long as we don't hold them taught for her to chew through them, they last and last.


Fetch Some!

this toy is not good for active dogs with tough toy needs.

Tuffy Barnyard Toys

Sadly not durable as they are advertised. Bella's ability to find and rip out seams made it a 5 minute toy and a wool stuffing mess.


Fetch Some!

tennis balls from kong for squeaky and fetching fun

Air Kong Squeaker Balls

Luckily these come in sets of 3. They are great for chewing and fetching but are not that durable. We love them and keep them "in stock".


Fetch Some!

bella's favorite toys

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