home based business casual

with Trista polo and Melissa Pauls

home based business casual

bringing it business

bringing it casual

We are empowering home based business owners to enhance their performance and build teams to support whatever business they are in.



transformative courses

We offer courses, webinars and tutorials to help you increase results, reduce stress and have more fun. We believe you can bring TEAM to anything and we want to show you how.

impactful coaching

Trista and Melissa are both talented coaches with several years experience. If you want accountability and paradigm shifts, our coaching program may be right for you.

free video content

We add videos regularly to support you in your business and your life. You can find videos about our favorite tools, structures, apps, and advice - all aimed at making you more successful.

Meet the boss babes behind #businesscasual

We're committed to the success of entrepreneurs around the globe.

 Trista is a home based business owner for over 14 years. Trainer, facilitator and improv actor are just a few of the hats she wears.

Melissa is a home based business owner for over 5 years. Yoga Instructor, Global Leader, Classroom Leader for Communication are just a few of the hats she wears.

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